About Us


Smile, love and emotions are everything. We like challenges, we like to make weddings on a places that nobody else done it before, or we haven’ t done that before. We will do our best to find as more as we can unordinary places to make unforgatabble stories. Memories lasts forever.

The most important thing about wedding is to enjoy in your way of making it real. Except memories, emotions and nice pictures our job is to make less stresfull your wedding way of organization.

We are detailed oriented and we love to add extra touch to all weddings and events to bring experience to the highest level.

Follow our social profiles and you gonna meet us more. Who knows, maybe some day we gonna meet each others on coffe on one of the beuatiful history terrace in Split.



Meet Maja ( the blondie ):

– I love interior design ( everything  looks amazing in my head in few seconds )

– Sweat suits and high heels come together / I love to travel and meet native people

– I love kids with their honesty questions  where I learned lot’s about me

– On good music I became a dancing queen ( that transformations is happening in minute without alchocol 🙂 )

–  My favourites mornings are saturday early mornings with caffe  and book near sandy beach

– I always have a volleyball ball in my car / I have a secret life 🙂 ; I am a volleyball coach for kids in                        elementary  school. Why ? Because I promised myself that I will do in life what I love. Amazing things are born from passion and love

– Passionate with learning, growing and again learning

  What you believe it comes to reality, faith is the greatest challenge.The world are you ready ?! 🙂 :). Moments with family, nephews ( special category in family tree 😉 ) and close friends makes life more magic.

Meet Marina:

– My morning starts with a cup of coffee. Always

– Mother of a 3 years old boy

– Love to travel  / Love to read

– Open to adventure
– It is obvious (for the reasons outlined above) why I love my job


p.s. 3 years before we’ve become part of Business Incubator for women, under Croatian Chamber of Commerce. We are thankful for that opportunity. Working in the office with the most amazing view on Riva make our day more  lovely and sunny.

Photographer : Antea Mrčela