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This page is a „ sister „ page of Weddings in Split. We organized weddings for several years and finally, we came to an idea to put all venues in one place, to make it easier to us and to newlyweds. The wedding is a special event and it could be whatever you imagine. Let’s find an unordinary place to make ordinary moments. On the web, you can find basic information about all locations.




Let’s make creative ideas and unforgettable details. Take a cup of tea and save ideas that put the smile on your face.

In your free account, you can always find your favorites.




Let’s inspire and get ideas for your destinations wedding. Grab some tips to make easier your guests escape to Croatia.




” On my wedding I want to drink coffee before the party. I want to enjoy in every moment. Everything that we have is a moment .”

Find out more about wedding planning process.

More details about two of us you can find in our blog post.


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