Old City Ceremony

Split, Trogir

Civil Ceremony

Symbolic Ceremony

2 - 60 Guests

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Avg. PRICE € 1200

Historic and Spirited Town


Historic city of Trogir is in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site. City is full of hidden charming gardens where small restaurants and family hotels are located. Narrow cobbled streets, colorful shops, sea location, native people, old historic spirit are the values ​​that make this city unreal. Court of registrar office is a great place for  private wedding ceremony in historic building. Approx. price is for civil ceremony in Trogir. The price depend on date, time and nationality ( required papers ).


The court of registrar office is public, so the best time for  ceremony is after working hours. For paperwork assistance on this location you need wedding planner in Trogir.


Trogir is a great option for intimate family weddings. The average price is for civil ceremony paperwork. The price depend on couple of items. Please contact us for more information.

Photo credite: Damira. Weddings

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