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Nono Ban

Split, Island

Symbolic Ceremony

Civil Ceremony

2 - 150 Guests

Avg. PRICE € 80

Hidden Pearl in The Middle of Island


Brac is a lovely Mediterranean island with romantic places to get married. If you start thinking about island wedding probably you dream about romantic gardens, sea, and beaches, olive environment, rustic villages and toast in the sunset. Nono Ban is a little rustic ” village ” hidden in the middle of the island with all these attributes, easily accessible by car. Inside the property, you can accommodate people in villas and rooms.

The wedding ceremony can be held at the pool, or in some part of the restaurant. The ceremony can be also organized on the beach which can be reached by boat from Bol or by car ( “mountain ” road ). For better experience take a look at the video.

The venue has accommodation for 40 people. Two villas has to be rent on 7 days, other rooms can be on day. More than 41 people can be accommodated nearby in new glamping which is part of housing Nono Ban.


Outside options: Around pool: 70 people / Around tree: 150 people

In case of rain: Inside restaurant: 100 people

Music – Unlimited

The restaurant can be privatized but the price and options depend on the date, number of people, etc.

For wedding parties ( with music ) it has to be rent Villa Sanja on 7 days. Since the villas are renting on 7 days, and Villa Sanja is very close to the party space because of the loud music it has to be rent on her whole renting period.

Approx. price is for menu without drinks. ( Welcome drink, 4 courses, dessert + night snack )


Island wedding always has a special note, unlimited relaxation, all the time. Don’t be afraid because of transport, Brac is very close to Split and very well connected. At the end boat trip to the island is also part of the memorable journey of holiday for your guests.





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